Wave Glass

Travelling around the world putting an end to plastic straw pollution.
A glass inspired by the very thing it’s trying to protect – the ocean.


The Facts

Australians use 10 million straws a day, while the U.S. uses an incredible 500 million.

They‘re too small to be recycled with a huge proportion ending up in our oceans and it’s estimated that by 2050 every seabird will have plastic in its stomach. The first straw you ever used will still be on the planet long after you’re not.

Plastic ingested by fish is now entering the human food chain. Now is the time to act.



The Technology

Revolutionary, patented Dual-Chamber Technology eradicates the need for a straw.

Wave has an internal wall that extends down into the vessel -- separating it into two chambers. One chamber holds the liquid mixed with crushed ice and garnish. The other acts as the drinking chamber only allowing the chilled liquid from the bottom of the vessel to be consumed.